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My Family Doula Testimonials

IMG 1517bBeautiful Birth Experience

Michelle was absolutely incredible through our whole pregnancy and birthing experience! In our post-delivery meetings, she was thorough and informative with everything we needed to know ahead of time!  As this was my first child and first birthing experience, much of how I would handle the pain was unknown to me. Michelle was so intuitive to my needs, even when I didn’t know what I needed. In the midst of painful contractions, Michelle asked the room for some quiet so that I could focus and concentrate. This is exactly what I needed in the moment... and I didn't even know that I needed it. So thankful she was in tune to me, my body and my needs. We had a beautiful birth experience and I am so grateful and blessed for our story... with Michelle a part of that story as well! AND our pictures are beautiful! What an incredible photo album to have of an amazing experience!! 
~ Ashley

Great Virtual Support

Michelle was great to have as resource during my pregnancy for both my husband and I! She was prompt, attentive, and compassionate in all of our visits. Our baby arrived a month early and she prioritized my husband and I despite the fact that she couldn’t attend the birth of our son due to St Lukes’s COVID visitor restrictions. We so appreciate Michelle and recommend her to first time expectant parents!

~ Courtney

Reached my goal

I just had my 3rd baby, first "ours baby" and used Michelle as our doula. First ever experience with a doula and 10x better experience then either of my other births. I actually somehow reached my goal of a natural Birth. She always knew what I needed before I even knew. She made suggestions that I didn't even know where a thing, like an acupuncturist that seriously helped so much. My husband was 1000x more amazing than I ever expected, no idea if it was Michelle whispering in his ear or just him but seriously made me fall in love with him even more. I wish everyone had a person like Michelle to help them have the best experience possible. I can't thank her enough.
~ La Tasha

IMG 7343 BWHer energy was calming and her touch was perfect
Michelle was an amazing member of my birth team! She acted as photographer and supporting doula along with another doula. We were so lucky she was so willing to be apart of our team the night before she was about to leave for vacation. Our beautiful baby was born at 4:30am the day she was leaving town! She even stayed for another hour afterwards and captured the most amazing moments even in my very dark room. Her energy was very calming and her touch was just perfect, she had the confidence and  energy that kept me focused and not annoyed at all. She respected everyone in the room and was very supportive of me when I needed it most. I cherish the pictures she took and have shared them with others who found them very intriguing. I will definitely ask her to be apart of my birth team if I am lucky enough to have a natural birth again.
~ Paige

We highly recommend Michelle
Michelle was an amazing blessing to have walk alongside of us during our pregnancy. She spelled everything out, let us know what options we had (far beyond what the hospital wanted us to know our rights were) She had great tips and tricks. Kept returning us to calm and "this is expected". And the best part, she did it all remote!  We used cell phones (and all options they bring with them), Zoom, etc. We highly recommend Michelle to everyone! God bless you.

~ Lance

IMG 8512
We couldn't have asked for a better teammate
Michelle was everything we could have hoped for in a support person. From the moment we reached out to her she gave so much love, encouragement, assurance. This is exactly what we were looking for our birth team. During the prenatal appointments, Michelle gave us such a relaxed feeling and confidence we needed. The day of our sons birth was very emotional and excitement filled. Michelle assured me and stood by us with just the perfect amount of attention. She knew when to step in and when to just let me do what my body was telling me. She helps my husband feel at ease, allowing him to support how he felt comfortable and also leading him in times he needed the direction. We couldn't have asked for a better team mate on our special day. We have grown to have a special love for you Michelle! Thank you for your presence on our day. You have become a sincere friend as well!
~ Shae 

Calming and assuring
Michelle was an awesome addition to our “Team Baby-Arrival.” She is patient, kind and encouraging. She calmly and effectively communicated not only what to expect before, during and after the birth, but also ways to effectively navigate each stage. She gave my husband and I exercises to use to help our breech baby move into position and then, during the birth, to relieve some of the pain of labor. And when my induced labor became too painful and the unexpected happened, she was calming and assuring the whole time. Thanks to her help, my husband and I were able to be level-headed the whole time. Even after the C-section and we arrived home, she stayed in contact to make sure we were adjusting well and I was healing well. I would definitely recommend Michelle Lucas as a great family doula for any of my friends or family.

~ Rebecca

Caring, Loving Support
I've known Michelle for most of my life and she's always had a calming loving spirit. When I gave birth to my first child I wanted memories of this moment in my life and wanted someone there to take pictures and video for me. Because of Michelle's beautiful spirit and talent I felt comfortable having her there capturing via camera this special moment in my life.  
During the birth she was so much more than I originally planned. Along with my family in the room she helped coach and support me emotionally mentally and spiritually through the birth of our precious baby girl. She was praying over me the whole time and encouraging me. It was like having another mother there to love and nurture and support me in a time that I needed it most.  Michelle is amazing if you want someone that will love you through your pregnancy and birth process. Someone that will be that support when you need it. I love my husband and he was amazing but honestly he couldn't have done it alone. He was so appreciative of the help we had in the delivery room. And when Michelle wasn't all hands on deck she captured priceless moments. The most precious is a video of my husband singing to our baby girl when she arrived. Every year on my daughter's birthday I think if Michelle and wipe away tears as I look through the precious memories she captured for us!
~ Jeanette